Syriac Cross distributes food baskets to 300 families in Tel Tamr and Hasakah displaced by Turkish invasion of North Syria

HASAKAH, Syria – International non-profit organization Syriac Cross for Relief and Development in cooperation with another non-profit, Samaritan’s Purse, distributed food baskets to more than 300 displaced families within 17 schools in Hasakah city and the town of Tel Tamr. The displaced families are from Rish Ayno (Ras al-Ayn), Tel Abyad, and other areas which are under Turkish occupation.

This latest distribution of food baskets marks the end of the projects first month, preparations for the second month of the project are underway. Currently, data about the number of families currently in IDP centers is being gathered and reviewed to determine the amount of aid needed for distribution.

In cooperation with the Free Burma Rangers (FBR) organization, food baskets, diapers, and milk for children have been distributed to IDP centers and schools in Hasakah city. Approximately 200 food baskets were distributed with 60 baskets of diapers and baby milk.

Since the Turkish invasion of North Syria in October 2019, many international non-profits and aid agencies have ceased operating or severely reduced operations in the region due to security concerns.

Syriac Cross continues to distribute aid to the displaced people from all ethnic and religious backgrounds who have been forced to flee their areas due to the Syrian civil war and the recent Turkish invasion, that displaced an estimated 300,000 civils from Tel Abyad, Rish Ayno, and the surrounding countryside to Hasakah and Tel Tamr.