SYRIA: Reopening of M4 and M5 highways strategic win for Assad regime

DAMASCUS – The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) announced its intention to open the 120 km M4 Highway, which runs parallel with the northern Syrian border with Turkey from Aleppo Governorate to Latakia Governorate.

Earlier, the 450 km M5 Highway, which runs from Aleppo Governorate to Damascus Governorate, was declared open due to its strategic importance for the national economy which has seen a drastic downturn in recent months.

Both highways intersect at Saraqib in Idlib Governorate.

The importance of opening the two highways lies in stimulating commercial movement between the regions of northern and western Syria, as well as the movement of industrial goods centered in Aleppo, one source stated.

The M4 and M5 highways also connect the Syria’s important international trade port of Latakia situated on the Mediterranean. The reopening of this vital trade route during a times of increasing economic hardship is a strategic win for the Assad regime.