Iraqi protesters refuse the new government’s candidat

Baghdad – Despite the curfew in several Iraqi provinces as a precautionary Coronavirus measure, Iraqi demonstrators yesterday night anyway headed for al-Tahrir Square in the Iraqi capital to protest the latest nomination for the independent candidate to lead the new transitional government.

The protesters in al-Tahrir Square denounced the nomination of Naim al-Suhail, who is considered close to former prime minister Nuri al-Maliki, as head of the new government, shouting resentment phrases against him.

Several deputies confirmed on Sunday that a nearly complete consensus was reached among the members of the “Seven Shia Political Committee,” regarding the nomination of Naim al-Suhail as head of the new government. Yesterday, a deputy of the Saeron Alliance led by the Sadr-movement revealed that 80% of the committee agreed on the candidate al-Suhail;

“In the coming few hours, al-Suhail, from the Seven Committee, will be formally presented to the president of the Iraqi Republic to be assigned,” the Saeron Alliance Deputy said, stressing the importance of resolving the issue before the end of the constitutional period of the assignment.

This seven-member committee includes members of the Saeron Alliance, Conquest Alliance, Movement of Wisdom, Victory Alliance, State of Law Coalition, Ataa Movement, and the Virtue Bloc.

A previous attempt in nominating Muhammad Allawi as head of the new government failed on the first of March