Iraq: Adnan al-Zurfi nominated to form new government

Baghdad – On Tuesday Iraqi President Barham Salih named Adnan al-Zurfi, the former governor of Najaf Province, to form a new government within 30 days in an attempt to overcome months of political instability, stalemate and public protests.

The nomination comes after an appointed committee composed of delegates from the seven most prominent Shia blocs in the Iraqi parliament failed to agree on a unified candidate to form a new government.

Head of the Saeron Alliance Nabil al-Tarfi, announced in a statement yesterday that the seven-members committee did not manage to name a candidate to form a new government. He then called on the President of the Republic of Iraq to assign a candidate by using his constitutional powers.

Al-Zurfi was nominated after designated Prime Minister Muhammad Allawi in early March 2020 failed to form a new government of independent candidates but called on the Iraqi people and protesters in the streets and squares of the cities of Iraq to keep on going with their peaceful demonstrations against bad government, corruption and party politics. And push for a new government in that their voice is not lost.

Adnan al-Zurfi holds a BA in Islamic Sharia Law from the Iraqi University of Kufa. He had been a former official in the Iraqi administrations since the 2003 removal of Saddam Hussein. He leads the Victory Coalition in the Iraqi parliament to which former Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi belongs.