SYRIA: Turkish-backed forces continue shelling of Tel Abyad and Aleppo countryside; clashed between rebels and Syrian regime forces in Idlib despite ceasefire

TEL ABYAD and ALEPPO, Syria – Yesterday, In a series artillery attacks, Turkish and Syrian National Army (SNA) forces targeted the villages of Arida and Salib in the Tel AByad countryside and the villages of Bir Harbal and Sheikh Issa in the northern Aleppo countryside. No casualties were reported in either shelling.

On Monday, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) reported artillery shelling by Turkish and SNA forces targeting the village of Qazali in the Tel Abyad countryside.

In related news, the Syriac Military Council (SMC) and the Tel Tamr Military Council (TMC) responded to attacks by Turkey and the SNA on the villages of Timar (Umm al-Keif) and Tawila in the northern countryside of Tel Tamr.

In the southern Idlib countryside, were a Russian-Turkish ceasefire agreement has established some semblance of calm, a member of Syrian Arab Army (SAA) was killed and others injured in clashes with Turkish-backed opposition factions. Separately, opposition factions were able to repel an infiltration attempt by the SAA near the town of Al-Fateera, which coincided with a heavy artillery shelling by Syrian forces.

The Turkish-backed opposition shelled Syrian regime forces gatherings in Hazarin and Kafarnobel, south of Idlib. It is unclear if there were any casualties as a result of the shelled.