SYRIA: Central Committee leaders killed in Daraa by regime

DARAA, Syria – Gunmen attacked several members of the Syrian regime in Noah in the western Daraa countryside, including political security, military security, and district administration. No information about casualties was available.

In response, regime forces shelled the town of Tsiel in Daraa countryside and targeted with small arms fire a group of former opposition leaders in Daraa when they passed near the “Glen” housing checkpoint. Two of the former leaders were killed and a third was wounded. All three were members of the Central Committee in Wester Daraa. A civilian was also killed as a result of the regime action.

The soldiers who opened fire at the group were among the reinforcements brought in by the regime on Wednesday morning to try and control former areas of opposition to the regime which were growing in unrest. Russian forces had sent additional patrols to help control the escalating situation in around Daraa.