BREAKING NEWS: Missing Chaldean woman Smuni Diril found dead

MAHRE, Şirnak, Turkey — Smuni Diril, who together with her husband Hirmiz Diril, had been missing since 10 January of this year has been found dead nearby their village of Mahre in the mountainous Hakkari region in southeast Turkey. According to the latest information obtained by Syriac television channel SuroyoTV, the body of Smuni Diril was found in a stream bed that runs through the village.

According to information obtained by SuroyoTV, Smuni Diril died at an undetermined time prior to her body being found but a cause of death has yet to be determined. There is no information as to the whereabouts or condition of her husband, Hirmiz Diril.

The retired Chaldean couple lived in the mountainous Hakkari region of southeast Turkey in the Chaldean village of Mahre, Şirnak province. They are the parents of Fr. Ramzi Diril, priest of the Chaldean parish in Istanbul.