BRUSSELS: European Syriac Union demands full investigation into the death and missing of Smuni and Hirmiz Diril

BRUSSELS / MAHRE, Şirnak, Turkey – The European Syriac Union (ESU) issued a statement yesterday on the discovery of the body of Smuni Diril in a river bed close to her village in Sirnak province, Turkey. Smuni Diril (65) together with her husband Hirmiz Diril had been missing since January 11, 2020.

The European Syriac Union stresses the importance of the death case being thoroughly investigated in a transparent and fair manner by Turkish authorities:

“Since we heard about the couple’s disappearance, we have followed the case closely and we have brought it under the attention of politicians in the European Parliament we’re in contact with and taken it to the diplomatic platforms we have a seat in.

Our hope is that the case of Smuni Diril will be taken up by the authorities in a fair and just manner. At the same time, we expect a continued, transparent and fair investigation in the search for Hirmiz Diril. The search for Hirmiz Diril must continue uninterrupted.”

In the statement the ESU co-chairs Fehmi Vergili and Hülya Gabriel express their grief and sorry for the family’s loss and send out their condolences to the children and family of the couple and to their son Fr. Ramzi Diril and his Chaldean congregation in Istanbul.