FRANCE: Syriac COVID-19 death toll in France now totals seven. Number of infections up

Paris / Sarcelles – Four more Syriacs have died after contracting the coronavirus. The deceased were of old age and all above seventy years of age. Three days ago we reported the death of three Syriacs in France after contracting the coronavirus (COVID-19). The number of Syriac deaths in France as a result of the pandemic is now seven. Our news desk was also informed of an increased cases of infections, a number of which are in critical condition.

The majority of the Syriac people (Assyrians-Chaldeans-Arameans) in France live in Paris and the majority in its suburb of Sarcelles. Syriac churches of all denominations have suspended all religious activities to avoid further spread of the coronavirus.

The coronavirus pandemic continues to affect people’s lives in different countries worldwide. Many countries have taken harsh measures to prevent the disease from spreading. We also want to emphasize the importance of following the preventive measures by the respective authorities. Avoid large crowds of people to reduce the spread of infection and stay home as much as possible.