LEBANON: Universal Syriac Union Party directs party apparatus to support the needy

Beirut – The President of the Universal Syriac Union Party in Lebanon Ibrahim Mrad announced that the party’s cadre, members and its secretariat of social affairs will with immediate effect support the needy and sick in the areas of Matn, Beirut and Zahle. The Universal Syriac Union Party will provide food and material aid and sterilization materials to everyone in need in these times of economic difficulty and pandemic.

Mr. Mrad expressed his disappointment over the government’s inability to provide material assistance, food and daily medication to the needy and affected like other countries have done. Due to the bankruptcy of the state as a result of corruption, theft and clientelism by state officials and mafias in power, the working class and honest Lebanese people are threatened with hunger and pandemic. Mrad denounced the government’s slow action and lack of discipline in implementing preventive measures and in the late suspension of flights from corona-hit countries from day one.

In his announcement at a meeting of the executive council of the Syriac Union Party Mrad said: “According to specialists, the coronavirus pandemic is intensifying from the date of its outbreak three weeks ago. Therefore, people must abide by the instructions and commit themselves to stay at home and be absolutely responsible to achieve the least infections and losses from this serious and deadly crisis that has come over all the peoples of the world indiscriminately.”

And: “I am sure that if the government from the beginning had acted in the spirit of emotional responsibility towards the Lebanese people, we would not have reached this miserable situation that we have reached today.”