Member of North and East Syria Crisis Management Cell: All public services will be provided to during coronavirus curfew

QAMISHLI, Syria – In a special statement to SyriacPress, Mr. Joseph Lahdo, Co-Chair of the Local Administrations Authority of the Democratic Autonomous Administration (DAA) of North and East Syria and a member of the DAA’s Crisis Management Cell (recently formed to prevent the outbreak of the novel coronavirus COVID-19 in the region), confirmed that after all public shops were sterilized and food supplies was provided, the implementation of the second phase of the coronavirus prevention plan was initiated.

Through the implementation of a curfew and quarantine that began on Monday morning that stipulates all non-essential workers stay at their homes. Essential services, such as bakeries, sanitation services, and utility services, will continue operation.

Lahdo added that during the period of the curfew, pharmacies will remain open and fuel provisions will still be delivered. Emergency numbers have been posted throughout the region.

Joseph Lahdo (Syriac Union Party) concluded his statement with an appeal to all citizens of North and East Syria to abide by the curfew, pay attention to the latest updates on the situation via the media, and to practice the preventative measures outlined by the Health Commission, such as proper hand-washing, wearing masks when necessary, and sterilizing surfaces within households routinely.