IRAQ: Coronavirus meeting held in Bartella

BARTELLA, Iraq – On Monday, a meeting between clergy and members of the Crisis Cell was held on Monday morning in the Syriac town of Bartella in Nineveh Plains region of northern Iraq to discuss the latest developments of the novel coronavirus COVID-19.

The meeting was attended by Father Yacoub Saadi, Father Behnam Pinoka, Mr. Yacoub Yousef – President of the Syriac Council in Bartella, and the deputies of the Syriac Council Mr. Bulos al-Wakil and Salem Matti, as well as the Regional Director of the Crisis Cell and several other members.

During the meeting, the security and health situation in the district and the latest developments of the new coronavirus were discussed. Methods of prevention and the degree to which the citizenry is adhering to them was also discussed.

It was agreed to intensify necessary legal measures against violators of the instituted curfew in order to maintain safety and public health. The committee formed by the Syriac Council and the Church expressed its readiness to provide the necessary support to the Crisis Cell.

At the end of meeting, both parties stressed the need to educate the people of Bartella about the risks of the virus and to ensure their compliance with all legal and health regulations and procedures in order to overcome this crisis.