SWEDEN: Syriac award-winning journalist Nuri Kino starts coronavirus-awareness video campaign

Stockholm – Independent Syriac journalist Nuri Kino has started an international corona-awareness campaign to reach undocumented and homeless people in immigrant-dense areas in Sweden and other countries in Europe. The aim is to produce videos in different languages with instructions on how people can help slow down the spread of the coronavirus. The campaign has received much attention in Swedish media.

In an article published on March 19 in Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet, Nuri Kino explains how, in his many visits to immigrant-dense suburbs and deprived neighbourhoods of Stockholm, he meets many suburban residents who lack basic knowledge about the coronavirus. He talked to the undocumented and homeless people of Sweden’s shadow society and wanted to learn how they live in these difficult times of pandemic. How do they protect themselves against the virus and what knowledge do they have when it comes to how the virus spreads?

He describes how little they know about what is going on around them. That they do not even have time to stop and absorb information regarding the coronavirus. From his visits and talking to people the award-winning investigative journalist and founder of humanitarian aid organization A Demand for Action, decided to act and start an international awareness campaign.

The videos feature Syriacs-Assyrians-Chaldeans with Nuri Kino himself, professional martial artist in the Ultimate Fighting Championship Beneil Dariush and journalist and al-Mayadeen tv news host Rihan Younan. The videos contain information and instructions on corona-measures and are in e.g. the Eastern and Western dialect of Syriac, Arabic, Persian, Swedish, Somalian and Romanian. A website has also been opened for this purpose: www. tellcorona.com.