SYRIA: U.S. forces continue reinforcement convoys to North and East Syria

QAMISHLI and HASAKAH, Syria – U.S. forces continue to reinforce their presence in North and East Syria as another convoy of logistical and military equipment are transported from across the border with Iraq.

Local sources stated that, yesterday, U.S. forces had brought a convoy of 30 transportation vehicles loaded with logistical equipment and armored military vehicles to Khirb al-Jeer Airbase outside Qamishli city in northeastern Syria.

In recent days, several media sources mentioned the entry of a U.S. convoy consisting of 62 trucks, loaded with military equipment and logistical materials and accompanied by 11 “Humvee-type” military vehicles coming from northern Iraq to U.S. positions in North and East Syria.

On 7 February, it was reported that a new U.S. base had been established in the southern Ghweran neighborhood of Hasakah city. According to local sources, U.S. forces have occupied an abandoned military base of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).