SYRIA: Syriac Cross to build public park in honor of Zau Seng, Free Burma Ranger killed in suspected Turkish drone strike

HASAKAH, Syria – Malik Hanna, member of non-profit Syriac Cross, told SuroyoTV that the organization has allocated land to build a park in the Al-Nasirah neighborhood of Hasakah city.

Hanna said that Syriac Cross began the first phase of the project in the summer of 2019 and has finished preparing the land for the construction phase. The construction of landscape features and the forestation of the land has already begun.

The park will be named Martyr Zau Seng Park in honor of Zau Seng, member of the Free Burma Rangers organization who was killed by a suspected Turkish drone strike in November 2019 outside Tel Tamr. The Free Burma Rangers have helped to support the construction of the park.