Syrian Democratic Forces regains control of prison holding ISIS fighters in Hasakah after riots

HASAKAH, Syria – On Sunday, Islamic State (ISIS) prisoners being held in a prison in Hasakah city in North and East Syria by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) staged riots in an effort to escape.

SDF spokesperson Mr. Kino Gabriel, said in a statement to SuroyoTV that there had been coordinated riots in one of the prisons where ISIS terrorists are being held in the city of Hasakah. The detainees were able to vandalize the building, removed inner doors, and smashed holes through the walls separating the dormitories. At one point, said Gabriel, the ISIS prisoners controled most of the first floor of the prison.

Counter-terrorism forces of the SDF rushed to the prison and intervened, eventually ending the riots and securing the prison and all detainees.

SDF General Commander Mazloum Abdi issued a brief statement via Twitter yesterday regarding the prison riots:

These incidents once again underscore the Syrian Democratic Forces ability to secure the ISIS terrorists, but also shows the need for more support from the international community and the international coalition against ISIS, in order to ensure maximum protection for prisons and camps that are housing thousands of members of the ISIS and their family members.