SYRIA: DAA and SDC congratulate Assyrian-Syriac people on Akitu New Year

NORTH AND EAST SYRIA – On the occasion of Akitu (New Year – 6770), the Democratic Autonomous Administration (DDA) of North and East Syria and the Syrian Democratic Council (SDC) congratulated the Syriac-Assyrian people.

The DAA legally recognizes Akitu as an official public holiday within the Unified Personnel Law which designates, among other things, public holidays.

********** DAA PRESS STATEMENT **********

 1st of April is an ancient and historic day in which the Assyrian Syriac people celebrate the beginning of spring and the renewal of life. Akitu New Year is a cultural celebration in the whole region with all its components because it confirms the historical facts, despite some attempts to deny.

We in the Democratic Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria, extend our congratulations to the Assyrian Syriac people on this occasion. We confirm that our will and strength depend on such historical occasions that show the diversity and plurality of our society. This year ’s celebrations have been canceled due to coronavirus preventive procedures. However, we will always keep reviving our historical occasions with the available capabilities.


********** SDC PRESS STATEMENT **********

The Assyrian-Syriac people in Syria and the world celebrate the Assyrian-Syriac New Year (Al-Akito Eid), which is on April 1st each year.

On this occasion, the Syrian Democratic Council congratulates Assyrian-Syriac people in Syria and the world. This day, which is considered one of the most prominent features of expressing historical, civilizational and ethnic identity of Assyrian- Syriac people and symbolizes fertility, renewal and resurgence.

This Year Al-Akito Eid coincides with the entering of the Syrian crisis into its tenth year after nine bloody years that cost the Syrians a lot of blood and tears; and after the political tracks failed to chart any political horizon for the desired peace. In addition, the feast coincides this year with the spread of Corona virus, which turned into a pandemic that swept the world.

We in the Syrian Democratic Council hope that the coming Eids will return in an atmosphere of calm, safety, peace and stability. We also wish that terrorism, occupation and tyranny will end and disappear, and the Syrian people of all nationalities, religions, and sects will achieve their goals in freedom, democracy and equality in a state of law and justice.

Happy new year to Assyrian-Syriac people

Happy new year to Syrian people


March 31, 2020

The Syrian Democratic Council