Turkish shelling kills two Syrian regime soldiers near Tel Tamr, wounds civilian with special needs in Timar

TEL TAMR, Syria — On Thursday morning, two Syrian Arab Army (SAA) soldiers, at least one an officer, have been killed and several others wounded by Turkish shelling targeting the villages in northwest of Tel Tamr, according to North Press Agency. The few civilians left in the area along the frontline south of Rish Ayno (Ras al-Ayn) fled towards Tel Tamr.

North Press Agency reporter Delsoz Youssef reportedly witnessed the shelling of the villages of Abboush, Bab al-Khair, Sheikh Ali, al-Qasimiya, and Mahmudiya.

A civilian with special needs was wounded by shelling in the Christian village of Timar (Umm al-Keif), northwest of Tel Tamr.