Joseph Lahdo: DAA COVID-19 Crisis Cell has implemented all quarantine and curfew measures

Zalin (Qamishli), ܒܝܬ ܙܠܝ̈ܢ‎ – In an interview with Syriac TV channel Suroyo TV, Syriac Union Party member Joseph Lahdo, joint head of the Municipalities and Environment Authority of the Democratic Autonomous Administration in north-eastern Syria and member of the Crisis Cell, said that the Crisis Cell has implemented and follows up on all quarantine and curfew measures in all areas and has recently accomplished the following:

1 – supervision on the curfew on a continuous, daily and hourly basis, and solve all the problems that arise from it;

2 – monitoring the sterilization in the streets and parks in all areas, after the completion of sterilization of all public institutions, schools, mosques and churches;

3 – sets up health centers in all areas and border crossings;

4 – Distribution awareness brochures to citizens;

5 – Discussing the situation of workers in the private sector who have stopped working because of curfew and have no source of income other than their work and decide to provide aid in kind to them;

6 – Helping farmers to spray wheat fields and others with fertilizer and weed medicines;

7 – Securing quarantine centers at the crossings, in order to monitor returnees from abroad, and to secure special graves in the event of death due to COVID-19.


The Crisis Cell in Al-Jazeera Region on 23/03/2020 published a statement from the Crisis Cell in Al-Jazeera Region

In light of great danger of Coronavirus, its rapid spread and what it poses as a threat to the whole world, our commitment and concern for our responsibilities as management and within framework of necessary procedures, especially preventive ones, decisions issued by the Crisis Cell in Al-Jazeera region previously and what has been implemented in stages through preventive procedures.

And with embargo entering its third stage, and this was the first day of the embargo, with commitment of people staying at their homes, all institutions were off, and curfews.This is a preventive procedure in order the epidemic does not spread to our regions that are still safe up to writing this statement.

As for the first day: Since the early morning hours, all security forces deployed among cities, towns and roads to implement the rules of embargo, the medical emergency teams began stationing their points, all medical institutions were in a state of readiness, as cleaners have supervised since early hours with a cleaning campaign and firefighters worked in some areas by washing some streets and squares as a prelude to sterilization, as were all service committees, water, and sterilization workers in state of work and movement, as well as electricity emergency workers to follow up on faults, and there was follow-up and monitoring of general situation by media crews in all cities with campaigns of supply committees and consumer protection with their rounds on markets and controlling many violations through abuse and monopoly of some traders. Through follow-up of the crisis cell for general situation of citizens ’commitment and work of institutions in all cities, towns and villages of the region, the commitment to ban for the first day was acceptable and did not notice any problems, with emergence of some violations, especially in afternoon period, no cases were reported today.

We in the Crisis Cell of Al-Jazeera region offer our thanks to our people who have always approved their commitment to procedures of Self-Administration and they are the same people who defeated ISIS on this day a year ago.We congratulate them on this great occasion for their concern on their security and safety by adhering to procedures of embargo and prevention in order to protect and save our regions from this dangerous epidemic. We also thank all medical, service, security, media, and supply crews, all workers, owners of ovens and shop owners whose conscience does not accept exploitation and monopoly, hoping to work according to spirit of responsibility and ethics. We also thank all institutions of society. civilians, parties, religious, tribal, and cultural personalities and everyone who contributes to spreading awareness and their appeals to people to abide by the ban.

We appeal to our people to abide by the procedures announced for public safety and cooperation with all institutions concerned, we are all confident of the spirit of responsibility of our people.

We also inform our people that duration of the curfew at the present time starts from March 23 at 6 am to a period of 15 days, with possibility of extension if it is necessary and the public interest requires it. All Self-Administratuon institutions are off throughout prohibition period except for institutions excluded from embargo, with our emphasis on strictness of procedures in imposing a curfew and punishing the violators in order to ensure safety and health of our people. We also stress the need for the residents to abide by ban and only one person is allowed to leave when necessary to take their needs in morning hours and contacting with previously declared medical emergency numbers when there is any suspected case. As well as the numbers will be allocated in each area to report any case of monopoly and exploitation by traders and shop owners to follow by teams of supply.

Beginning sterilization campaign in neighborhoods and public utilities on morning of Tuesday, March 24.

Together, we will win over the dangerous epidemic

With your commitment, you remove the danger from you and your loved ones

The Crisis Cell in Al-Jazeera Region