NINEVEH PLAINS: Heavy torrential rains cause floods and destruction in Bashiqa and Bahzani

Bashiqa, Bahzani – Heavy torrential rains this week flooded many (mud-made) houses in the twin towns of Bashiqa and Bahzani in the Nineveh Plains in Iraq. The rains caused severe material damage. A state of panic prevailed in the area with residents appealing to local authorities for help. One of the the people of the area said:

“This is not the first time that the Wadi al-Sanjak area has flooded. Our geographic area is located in the valley between two mountains that flow their water in a valley that overlooks our homes. There is a water drainage box to avoid flooding, but this time the water rebelled and overflowed the box and flooded several houses.” He added, “The poor Yazidi families whose homes have been flooded appeal to the concerned authorities to lend a helping hand to those that have lost even their food and drink.”

A resident of Bashiqa town said, “many shops in Bashiqa market were flooded and numerous cars were driven by the floods in the street that runs in the middle of Bashiqa and bahzani. Many cars crashed with electricity poles against sidewalks, walls and stores. All resulted in losses and material damage. But thank God, there were no human casualties. We all should cooperate and extend a helping hand to the affected families.” He also appealed to solve of the water drainage box so that this tragedy does not recur every time the valley overflows.”

Many people of the towns expressed their grief by saying, “ISIS and corona weren’t enough for us to also be overburdened by floods? This time it was only material losses, but who knows next time it is human losses. We appeal to the council of Bashiqa and Bahzani as well as to the district administrators and to all those concerned to join their efforts and try to avoid such risks and preserve people’s lives. ”

Bashiqa and Bahzani are towns on the Nineveh Plain with mostly Yazidis and Syriac – two of Iraq’s most vulnerable indigenous minorities.