Spy ring arrested in North and East Syria

NORTH AND EAST SYRIA — The General Command of the Internal Security Forces (ISF) in North and East Syria announced the arrest of several individuals involved in a spy network operating within the security institutions of North and East Syria. The five individuals arrested were recruited by external actors and tasked the network with spying and reporting on the movements of Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

The General Command of the ISF issued a public statement announcing the arrests.

In this crucial and sensitive phase we are going through, the war on terror, constant threats, the fight against Corona epidemic, and in the face of the dangers to which society is exposed, we find some weak souls and traitors who do not hesitate to commit crimes in exchange for their own benefits and temporary interests.

After careful monitoring, Internal Security Forces of Autonomous-Administration succeeded on 3 April 2020 arresting recruited and spying cell operating within our institutions, consisting of five persons, including two women, recruited from outside agencies assigned to them by the task of spying and monitoring the movements of Syrian Democratic Forces, transmitting information about the work of security forces, preparing for assassinations of administrative leaders and social and political actors, and fomenting national, religious and sectarian strife among the components of the region.

The General Command of the ISF concluded its statement by emphasizing that they will remain vigilant in their duty to protect the people of North and East Syria and renewed their commitment to confront with strength all those who threaten the region.

Authorities have begun to interrogate the five detainees who will then be referred to the judiciary for trial.

North and East Syria saw a similar case in April 2015 when a spy network acting to recruit members of the security forces was broken up and those involved given lengthy prison sentences.