North and East Syria security forces arrest antiquities smuggler and counterfeiter

QABRE HEWORE (AL-QAHTANIYAH), Syria – After receiving information about an antiquities smuggler in the town of Qabre Hewore (Al-Qahtaniyah) in northeastern Syria, the Organized Crime Division of the Internal Security Forces (ISF) carried out a surveillance and investigation operation. The operation resulted in the arrest of the smuggler who was in possession of a book written in golden ink, as well as a number of other artifacts. The smuggler is set to be tried by the judiciary for appropriate crimes.

In related news, after receiving several complaints from the residents of Amuda that they had been passed counterfeit currency, the Crime Division of the ISF initiated an investigation.

The Crime Division of Amuda, in coordination Crime Division of Darbasiyah, were able to locate the source of the counterfeit currency and arrest the individual responsible. The accused had in their possession an Epson printer, two cell phones, a paper cutter, and what is assumed to be counterfeit currency.