Syriacs from Beth Zalin send Easter greetings (western calendar) and Palm Sunday (Eastern calendar)

ZALIN (Qamishli) ܙܐܠܝܢ – On the occasion of Easter, according to the Western calendar, which coincides with Palm Sunday according to the Eastern calendar, Mr. Sanharib Barsoum, co-chair of the Syriac Union Party (SUP) in Syria, congratulated all Christians wishing good will and peace to prevail in the whole world and that the world will overcome the Coronavirus crisis. Barsoum said on his official account:

“This face distorted by wounds gives great peace. His aims not for our eyes but for our hearts. As if it aims to say: Trust, do not lose hope, the power of God’s love, the power of the Risen One from death overcomes everything. I wish all Christians a glorious Feast of the Resurrection.”

Priest Zakaria Massoud congratulated Christians on the occasion of Palm Sunday for the oriental eastern churches. Palm Sunday Mass was held in churches without the presence of the faithful confined to only priests and deacons as a precautionary measure taken by the churches to curb the spread of Coronavirus.

In an interview with Suroyo TV from the St. Kyriakos Syriac Orthodox Church in Zalin (Qamishli), Father Zakaria Massoud congratulated all Syriac people on the occasion of Palm Sunday, praying to God to save the world from this disease, heal the wounded and to seek mercy for the souls of those who succumbed to this disease. Father Zakaria says he prays on this day of Usac’ne or Hosanna, the day of Christ’s entry into Jerusalem, that peace and love prevail in Syria and that the coming years will be years of security and peace.