Sanharib Barsoum: Do not lose hope in the face of crisis

ZALIN ܙܐܠܝܢ (QAMISHLI), Syria – On the occasion of Easter, according to the Western calendar, which coincides with Palm Sunday according to the Eastern calendar, Mr. Sanharib Barsoum, Co-Chair of the Syriac Union Party (SUP) in Syria, congratulated all Christians on this day, wishing that good and peace will prevail in the whole world, and that the world will overcome the coronavirus pandemic. Writing on his official Twitter account on twitter, Mr. Barsoum said:

This face distorted by wounds gives great peace. His vision is not looking for our eyes, but for our heart, pointing to the face of Christ, who suffered during the week of pain, where he showed signs of torture and pain at the hands of his oppressors, as intended to say:

Trust, do not lose hope, the power of God’s love, the power of the risen from death overcomes everything, a glorious resurrection for all Christians.