SYRIA: Another mass grave found in the Raqqa countryside

RAQQA, Syria – On Monday, the Initial Response Team in Raqqa discovered a new mass grave containing an estimated 200 victims executed by the Islamic State (ISIS) near the agricultural fields in Tel Zidan, east of Raqqa.

Citizens of Raqqa’s Al-Samra village informed the Initial Response Team about the grave. So far, only six corpses have been exhumed from the grave, all men over the age of 25.

On Sunday, the Initial Response Team had uncovered a separate mass grave in Al-Salhabiya al Gharbia village, west of Raqqa, where an estimated 145 bodies are buried.

Twenty-five mass graves have been discovered so far in Raqqa city and the surrounding countryside has reached 25 graves. Within them, an estimated 5,780 bodies.