Syriac Union Party in Syria congratulates Yazidi people on their New Year (Sere Sal)

NORTH AND EAST SYRIA – On 15 April, the Yazidi community celebrates Sere Sal, literally “head of the year”, the Yazidi New Year holiday.

Sere Sal is celebrated on Charsema Sor, “Red Wednesday”, the first Wednesday after 14 April. Like other spring holidays, Sere Sal celebrates the life and rebirth. Yazidis color eggs for the holiday in honor of the colors that Tawus Melek, God’s chief angel who takes the form of a peacock, is said to have spread throughout the new world.

The Syriac Union Party (SUP) in Syria congratulated the Yazidi people on the occasion and wished them a peace in the coming year.

********** PRESS STATEMENT **********

On the feast of Red Wednesday (Yazidis New Year) which falls on April 15th, we give our warmest congratulations to all Yazidis in Syria, and the whole world, wishing in this feast, which symbolizes the rebirth of creation and the beginning of the universe, to be the beginning of a bright future for all our people, who have been always giving, producing thought, civilization and who have been always a symbol of fraternity and coexistence, throughout history and together today we salute these historic feasts of the peoples of Beth Nahrin (Mesopotamia) renew the covenant in unity of class in order to meet all challenges and seek to build a Syria based on the recognition of national and religious pluralism within a decentralized secular democratic system.

Happy Sere Sal to all Yazidis and all Syrians.