Universal Syriac Union Party in Lebanon distributes second batch of aid to needy families in Tripoli

TRIPOLI, Lebanon – The Universal Syriac Union Party (USUP) in Lebanon distributed a second batch of food parcels to needy families, this time in the city of Tripoli, as a part of its “Heart-to-Heart” campaign.

A USUP delegation headed by the Secretary of Social Affairs and USUP Political Bureau member Joseph Hajjar teamed up with Father Samir Hajjar, priest of St. Ephrem Syriac Orthodox Church in the Mina region, to deliver the aid packages. Father Samir helped the delegation in pointing out the houses of needy families and together delivered the food parcels to families.

The USUP delegation also included party council members Chamoun Jane, Pierre Hanna, Mikhail Hajjar, and Sharbel Mrad

Father Hajjar expressed his gratitude to the delegation and thanked the party, its president, Ibrahim Mrad and all Syriacs from different countries in the diaspora who helped and provided financial support for the project. Fr. Hajjar emphasized that the food aid came just in time to their neglected and forgotten region. The region suffers from high levels of poverty, a situation made worse by the coronavirus lockdown. Fr. Hajjar prayed to God to intercede for his people and prevent further calamities from befallen them.