NINEVEH PLAINS: Beth Nahrin Patriotic Union creates sterilization chamber to sterilize new arrivals in Bartella

BARTELLA ܒܪܛܠܐ‎, Iraq — A special sterilization chamber introduced by the Beth Nahrin Patriotic Union (HBA) was taken into use on Monday, April 13th, 2020, in the Syriac town of Bartela in the Nineveh Plain. The chamber is used to sterilize persons at arrival in the town. The chamber was opened by Bartell district director Ali Fathi Iskandar, Bartella head of police Col. Ghazwan Ali and the Bartella head of traffic police paptain Ali in the presence of Mr. Yousef Yacoub Matti, chairman of the Beth Nahrin Patriotic Union in Iraq, Mr. Hussam Salem Matti, member of the HBA political bureau and HBA member Mr. Samer Khaled Shamoun.

The idea of a special sterilization chamber is to pump medical sterilizers into a locked room made of iron-powered nylon material and then pumping fog in the chamber to sterilizing clothes and exposed body parts in only a few seconds. This initiative came from the HBA in the campaign to prevent and counter the Corona virus pandemic. For his part, the district director of Bartella thanked the Beth Nahrin Patriotic Union, its party leadership, cadres and members and described the initiative as an honorable form of patriotism.

The Beth Nahrin Patriotic Union introduced the same chamber two weeks ago in the Syriac city of Baghdede on the Nineveh Plain. The Beth Nahrin Patriotic Union in Syriac is calle Huyodo Bethnahrain Athroyo.