SYRIA: Internal Security Forces arrest weapons dealers in Kobanê

KOBANÊ, Syria – Mustafa Shaheen, Director of Information Office of Internal Security Forces (ISF) in North and East Syria’s Euphrates Region, said that the Organized Crime Division arrested seven people who were found to be stealing, modifying, and selling weapons on the black market. The arrests are the culmination of a three-week investigation, sad Shaheen.

The ISF confiscated a number of automatic rifles as well as various replacement parts for several weapon types and tools for altering weapon serial numbers and faking specifications.

According to Shaheen, the defendants were transferred to the Office of Prosecution and the Investigation Commission after the necessary evidence was collected.

Over the past couple of months, the ISF has conducted several raids and made a series of arrests targeting smugglers of various types. Three drug traffickers with large quantities of narcotic substances were arrested recently, which they had obtained from areas controlled by the Turkish-backed Syrian National Army (SNA).