NORTH & EAST SYRIA: U.S. Forces assign oil field protection missions to SDF. International Coalition conducts airdrop in Der al-Zor

Der al-Zor, Syria – As part of the ongoing work to re-establish its influence in the eastern Euphrates region, U.S. forces have handed over some oil field protection tasks to the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF). U.S. Forces intend to give task the guarding oil fields and pipelines in the eastern Euphrates region to the SDF provided that the SDF fighter have high combat experience and have already fought battles against ISIS.

Earlier U.S. Forces made a secret visit to the al-Jazra military base near Raqqa, one of the largest former military bases of the International Coalition, where the SDF now has presence. And there are speculations that U.S. forces will return and take positions there.

In related news and as part of the fight against ISIS, the International Coalition, in cooperation and coordination with the SDF HAT forces (rapid deployment force) carried out an air drop in the village of Ghriba, northeast of Der al-Zor as part of their operations in the pursuit of ISIS members. During the operation, eight people believed to be members of ISIS were arrested and five metal boxes were found at the landing site.

It is worth mentioning that Der al-Zor countryside still has active ISIS cells which carry out terrorist actions from time to time. The SDF is working together with the International Coalition to intensify security operations in that area.