SYRIA: Cache of flammable materials found in ISIS wing of Al-Hol camp

AL-HOL, Syria – The Internal Security Forces (ISF) of North and East Syria stated that they had found a secret cache of flammable materials in the area of Al-Hol Refugee Camp that houses the families of Islamic State (ISIS) militants.

The cache was used to store small and large cans of gasoline and isopropyl alcohol, which are highly flammable materials.

The flammable materials were intended to be used against the non-ISIS camp residents and camp guards.

The ISF has not provided any information about the identity of the persons responsible for stockpiling the incendiary materials or if an investigation was ongoing.

Al-Hol Camp is the largest refugee camp in North and East Syria, housing more than 70,000 refugees and displaced people, including over 13,000 family members of foreign ISIS members.