Israeli military official states Israel will continue military activities in Syria so long as there is an Iranian presence

TEL AVIV – Maj. Gen. Aharon Haliva, head of the Israeli Defense Forces’ Operations Directorate, stated that Israel’s clandestine activities in Syria will continue so long as there is an Iranian presence in Syria. , and working heavily to get the Iranians out of it, and it has succeeded, according to his statement.

“Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is beginning to understand that the Iranians who came to help him in the fight against ISIS in order to save him today pose a threat to the continuation of his rule and his ability to rebuild Syria,” said Haliva in a recent interview.

According to Haliva, weapons transfer from Syria to Lebanon continue, and Iran’s presence in Syria has not yet disappeared and stressed that Israel will continue to strike Iranian targets in Syria and Lebanon, if needed.

“Hassan Nasrollah is well aware of the price that Hezbollah and Lebanon will pay for any escalation with the Israeli army, he understands our intelligence capabilities, the strength of Israeli army and the military intelligence apparatus, and he must understand well that Israel will not allow him to escalate the situation, and we will not allow Hezbollah to get accurate missiles.”