Coronavirus takes the lives of two more Syriacs in Sweden

SÖDERTÄLJE, Sweden – The coronavirus continues to take a toll on the Syriac community in Sweden. On Wednesday, the Deacon Abdel-Masih Yacoub Dahab passed away at the age of 84 due to the virus in the city of Södertälje, southwest of Stockholm. On the same day, in Gothenburg, Zero Demir passed away at age 89.

The late Deacon Abdel-Masih Yacoub Dahab was born in Midyat, Turkey in 1936 to Aziz Yacoub Dahab and Roumieh Soumi. He later moved to Zalin (Qamishli) and stayed there for five years. After completing his military service in Turkey, he married Leila Rhawi in 1965, in Midyat.

He eventually emigrated to Germany, then Switzerland, and in 2011 he emigrated to Sweden and settled in Södertälje. He had three daughters – Christina, Renatha, and Andrea – and a son, Andres.

The late Abdel-Masih was a deacon and he invested most of his time in the service of Mor Jacob of Nisibis Church in Södertälje and the City’s Assyrian Cultural Club. Abdel-Masih Yacoub Dahab was also one of the builders of Mor Jacob of Nisibis Church and served for years as a member of the Church’s council.

In Gothenburg, Zero Demir passed away from the coronavirus at 89. She was born in the village of Enhil In Tur Abdin in southeastern Turkey in 1931 to parents Hanna and Hana. She had two brothers and two sisters. The late Zero married the late Lahdo Demir in the village of Kafro in 1947. In 1976, she and her husband emigrated to Sweden, making their home in Gothenburg four years later. Zero was the mother of two daughters and five sons.