North & East Syria: Syrian Democratic Forces halt fierce ISIS-prison rebellion in al-Hasakah

Al-Hasakah, North & East Syria – After a prison rebellion in the al-Sina’a prison in the city of al-Hasakah, the Syrian Democratic Forces stated in a press release that the prison is under control again. The al-Sina’a prison is one of the largest prisons in North & East Syria and mostly ISIS-members are detained there. Only after sending military reinforcements to the prison were the Syrian Democratic Forces able to contain the fierce ISIS prison rebellion.

********** PRESS STATEMENT **********

Yesterday evening, inside one of the largest prisons in which ISIS terrorists are held in the al-Hasakeh Governorate, a large-scale disobedience was carried out by detained ISIS members. The prisoners managed to fully control the inferior part of the prison after they removed the dormitory and corridors doors, which required the intervention of special forces and anti-terrorist forces.

The situation inside the prison was controlled after a day-long insurrection that ended with joint negotiations between representatives of our forces and international coalition forces on one side, and ISIS detainees on the other hand.

We believe that the international coalition forces to fight ISIS and the international community have a responsibility to find a solution for the issue of detained ISIS members, provide more support for greater security measures, and improve the conditions of detainees inside prisons in North and East Syria.

Kino Gabriel
Official spokesperson for the Syrian Democratic Forces

Sunday, May 3rd, 2020