Syriac-Assyrian musician, poet, and filmmaker John Homeh passes away from liver disease

SYDNEY, Australia – Syriac-Assyrian culture has lost one of its modern pillars. John Homeh, celebrated writer, photographer, filmmaker, and musician passed away on 6 May in Sydney, Australia after an extended battle with liver disease.

Born in Syria, Homeh is one of the Syriac-Assyrian people’s most celebrated singers, composers, and lyricists. He composed and wrote many of the songs sung by the most famous Syriac-Assyrian singers, such as Sargon Youkhana, Juliana Jindo, Linda George, Ashur Beth Sarkis, and many others. Homeh played a major role in development of Syriac-Assyrian music by introducing modern instruments into his work.

His brother, George Homeh, who passed away in 2011, was a renowned singer.

With his departure, Syriac-Assyrian music loses one of its strongest auteurs. Homeh’s was said to have worked with sincerity and always put his music above money.