Yazidi Organization for the Documentation of Genocide in Iraq: Stop the systematic demographic change in Sinjar

SINJAR, Iraq – The Yazda Yazidi Organization for the Documentation of Genocide this week issued a statement in which it called on the international community and the Iraqi government to stop all systemic demographic changes in the Sinjar region of northern Iraq. The Yazidi Foundation considers what is happening today in Sinjar nothing less than a hidden war perpetrated by several regional parties. In the statement issued on Thursday, the Yazidi International Foundation for Documentation said;

“What is happening in Sinjar, including the systematic actions of buying up lands and real estate, leads to a demographic change that is considered a crime of war or a genocide. According to international law this is considered as forced displacement, eviction or forced transfer.”

The Yazidi organization said that the Sinjar region is now facing a hidden war within which several regional parties participate and appealed to the free world, the United Nations, civil organizations, the Iraqi government and the Kurdistan Regional Government to stand firmly against all demographic changes that threaten the future of the Yazidis in Iraq and which affect their safe return and the peaceful coexistence in the long run.

On 7 February 2020, at a meeting of the UN Committee of NGOs, the Yazidi Organization for the Documentation of Genocide was transformed from a foundation with consultative status into an international foundation.