SWEDEN: Södertälje municipality publishes public Corona health information in Suryoyo. Tack så mycke

Södertälje, Sweden – After strong criticism from Syriac residents of the Swedish city of Södertälje to also include public health information on the Coronavirus in the Syriac (Suryoyo) language, the community published a new brochure on May 9th in six languages. And now information in  Syriac was included. The distributed brochure contains information on preventive measures and guidance from municipal authorities. Noteworthy is that the Syriac text is written in the Syriac alphabet as well as in the Latin alphabet.

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The inclusion of Syriac comes after previous public health information on the Coronavirus by the Södertälje municipality was published in the different languages of foreign-born people living in the city, but Syriac was not included – even though Syriacs form the largest immigrant community in Södertälje. More than half of the population of the municipality of Södertälje has a foreign background and the municipality of Södertälje has a population of around 99.000 of which a third are Syriacs.

The Coronavirus caused the death of thousands of Swedish citizens and the Syriac community in Sweden lost more than 100 people.