Emir of Yazidis calls on new PM al-Kadhimi to appoint Yazidi minister in his cabinet

LALISH, Iraq / BAGHDAD — In a message of congratulations with his new cabinet, Prince Hazem Tahseen Bey, Emir of the worldwide Yazidi community, called on Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi to appoint a Yazidi as minister for one of the remaining portfolios in his new cabinet. Al-Kadhimi was able to pass fifteen nominations through parliament. Five failed and two remained open. The Emir said nomination of a Yazidi or other ethnic and religious component of Iraqi society would enhance the spirit of citizenship and consolidate values ​​of diversity through involvement of these components in decision-making positions.

The Emir also expressed his hope the new government will step up efforts to find out the fate of kidnapped and missing Yazidis, bring justice for the survivors of the genocide and expedite the approval of the Yazidi survivors bill. Emir Hazem Tahseen Bey said, “We assure you that your Yazidi citizens are still suffering from the effects of the genocide they were exposed to in 2014 by the ISIS terrorist organization.”

The Emir of the Yazidis expressed his hope that the new Iraqi government will put together a file on the issue of genocide, the fate of the kidnappers and Yazidi genocide survivors, and find solutions in the short term for the displaced people who have lived in the camps since 2014 and intensify reconstruction work.