More U.S. reinforcements and increased military movement in North and East Syria

HASAKAH, Syria – Movement of U.S. forces have increased in Gozarto (Jazira) Region of North and East Syria during the past two days with U.S. reinforcements arriving at military bases in Hasakah Province. It has been speculated that the U.S. may be seeking to reassert its presence in northeastern Syria after unceremoniously withdrawing from its positions farther west and north, acquiescing to a Turkish invasion of the region.

Several U.S. armored vehicles entered into North and East Syria from Iraq near the Al-Gibsa oil fields in the Al-Shaddadi area in southern Hasakah Province.

Furthermore, a group of the U.S. military personnel toured the region’s oil fields, including Al-Kubaiba, Ghuna, and Hawizia. The U.S. military personnel surveyed the oil wells and their surroundings via drone and then returned to Iraq.

Additionally, two U.S. cargo planes landed within a period of 48 hours at Qasraq base near the town of Tel Baidar, north Hasakah city. The U.S. plane had remained at the base for more than three continuous hours, then departed to an unknown destination.

Such military movements seem to come within the framework of a U.S. attempt to increase its military presence in Gozarto Region, especially after its recent announcement of expanding the training courses for the members of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).