NORTH AND EAST SYRIA: Quarantine of Hasakah neighborhood lifted, Administration denies WHO claim of medical aid delivery

ZALIN ܙܐܠܝܢ (QAMISHLI), Syria – The Crisis Cell of the Democratic Autonomous Administration (DAA) in Gozarto (Jazira) Region announced the recovery of one of the two coronavirus cases in Hasakah and the lifting of the quarantine on the city’s Al-Omran neighborhood, the focal point of the coronavirus cases.

“Fourteen days after the isolation of al-Omran neighborhood in Hasakah as a result of the registration of two cases of Coronavirus and after applying the home quarantine to the cases infected, we announce today the recovery of one of them after assurances by Health Directorate of DAA that the tests have gone from positive to negative,” read the statement.

Based on the latest developments, said the statement, the Crisis Cell has decided to lift the isolation of Al-Omran neighborhood and extend the regional curfew until the end of Ramadan and al-Fitr feast.

The Crisis Cell also called on all local administrations to adhere to preventive measures and to apply the principle of social distancing in all places and emphasized that the easing of restrictions does not mean the end of the fight against the virus.

In related news, the Health Directorate of the DAA announced that it has not received any medical assistance sent by WHO after the latter announced the delivery of 30 tons of aid to North and East Syria through Zalin (Qamishli).

The WHO said via its Twitter account that it had been able to deliver a 30-ton medical shipment through Zalin as part of the WHO response to the emergency health needs of the most vulnerable populations in the region. It was not clear who received the aid.