Prime Minister of Iraq orders formation of high investigation committee regarding potential existence of secret prisons

BAGHDAD – On Friday, Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi ordered the formation of a high committee headed by the Federal Interior Minister to investigate the existence of potential secret government prisons in which protesters are held.

Al-Kadhimi authorized the committee to send inspection teams to enter any security institution or building suspected of having a secret prison.

The Iraqi PM seems to be following through on some of his promises of reform and attempting to reinvigorate a government marred by ineffectiveness and corruption. Not even in office for a month, Al-Kadhimi has already made moves to tackle corruption, put an end to Iranian interference in state institutions, and undermine the influence of the Iranian-aligned Popular Mobilization Units (PMUs).

Last Sunday, thousands of Iraqi demonstrators resumed their protests in the central and southern provinces of the country after more than a month and a half stoppage due to the coronavirus pandemic.

On Wednesday, the Iraqi Supreme Judicial Council announced that all detainee centers and prisons should be evacuated.