SYRIA: Fires in lDP-camps in Idlib

North Idlib, Syria – A huge fire broke out in a camp for displaced persons near the town of Der Hassan in the Northern Idlib countryside, burning a large number of tents and (again) displacing more than 100 IDP-families. The fire fortunately only caused material damage and no human casualties. The fire was likely caused by a gas leak or by a defect battery inside the tent. The fire was in the al-Sadaqa camp, which is under Turkish control in Idlib countryside. Al-Sadaqa camp houses displaced people from the rural areas of Hama, Idlib and Aleppo.

In a related context, another fire broke out in al-Laban camp on the outskirts of Termanin, north of Idlib. This fire resulted in the death of a displaced child and injured two other children. Most of the camp’s residents are from Ma’arat Harma as well as from the Idlib countryside.

Several fires have broken out in this way in camps in northern Syria. Other reasons from above were the result of poor fuel used to cook food or high temperatures.