NORTH & EAST SYRIA: Democratic Autonomous Administration opens two border crossing for a week, adjusts barley prices

RAQQA, Syria — The Democratic Autonomous Administration (DAA) issued the opening of the al-Tabaqa and al-Tahya border crossings for one week between the 19th and 26th of May. The decision comes after nearly two months in which all border crossing in North and East Syria were closed as precautionary measures over COVID-19. The DAA emphasized that the opening of the crossings for one week does not mean the measures are lifted. People still have to abide by the health rules imposed for the pandemic.

The al-Tabaqa crossing is located in the al-Tabaqa area and the al-Tahya crossing is south of Mabbug (Manbij). The two crossings link the northeastern regions of Syria with those under the control of the Syrian regime. The DAA in its decision (no. 48) said nothing about other crossings.

In a parallel decision on the prices of barley and wheat, the DAA Supply and Consumer Protection Directorate set the price of barley at 150 Syrian Pounds per kilogram. Traders buying barley from farmers are allowed to export the bought barley outside of the DAA. The Administration is also examining the purchase price for wheat which is now fixed at 225 Syrian Pounds per kilogram. The re-examination of wheat prices is done in consideration of the current economic conditions and the deteriorationg exchange rate of the Syrian Pound vis-a-vis USD. The new price for wheat, said the Directorate, will be set at a later date.