SYRIA: ISIS executes Syrian officer, two soldiers, and a woman

DEIR EZ-ZOR, Syria – The Islamic State (ISIS) continues its assassination campaign targeting figures working with the Syrian regime, recently executing four people: a Syrian officer, two soldiers, and a woman.

Yesterday, ISIS released footage of the four people, who were abducted two months ago, being executed. Citing reliable sources, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) reported that ISIS operatives had blocked the Palmyra–Deir ez-Zor road and intercepted a car carrying an officer belong to the Syrian Arab Army, two soldiers, and a woman.

Since the abduction, Syrian regime forces have brought military reinforcements to the area. Clashes with ISIS operatives continue on both sides of the Euphrates River.

In related news, ISIS operatives have executed several people for acting as spies for the Syrian regime in the Al-Sukhna area of the Homs countryside.

The ISIS presence in the Syria desert (Badia) remains a significant threat to the stability of the region and the safety of the local populace with shepherds in the area routinely clashing with and being kidnapped by members of the Islamic State.