SYRIA: New confirmed cases of coronavirus reported

DARAMSUQ (DAMASCUS) — The Syrian government registered seven new COVID-19 infection cases originating from Kuwait after the government loosened lockdown measures of which the quarantine lift of the al-Sayyida Zainab area in the Damascus countryside.

Syrian government news agency SANA quoted the Syrian Ministry of Health who confirmed that seven new COVID-19 infections were recorded, among those persons coming from Kuwait. The new cases bring the number of registered cases in Syria to 58. Three persons have succumbed to the disease so far according to statistics from the Syrian government in Damascus.

The recently registered infections appeared after Syria partially lifted measures such as re-operating of flights to and from Syria and re-opening the roads between Syrian cities. On Sunday the Syrian Ministry of Health had announced that it had lifted the quarantine on the al-Sayyida Zainab area in the Damascus countryside after making sure that no new coronavirus cases had been recorded since early May 2020.

The Syrian government decided in early April 2020 to lockdown the al-Sayyida Zeinab area and restricting the movement within high population density areas there, after the first COVID-19 infected case had been recorded in one of the area’s buildings.