North and East Syria opens two border crossings with regime territory with necessary medical controls

NORTH AND EAST SYRIA – The Internal Security Forces (ISF) of the Democratic Autonomous Administration (DAA) of North and East Syria issued a statement on Monday calling on citizens to adhere to the DAA’s instructions to maintain security and peace during the Eid al-Fitr holiday. In addition, DAA officials clarified the reason behind the opening of the Tabqa and Tayha border crossings.

Civilians within DAA areas must adhere to the following instructions in order to maintain security and peace during Eid al-Fitr holiday:

    1. Medium and large trucks and tanks are not allowed to move starting from Thursday midnight until next Tuesday.
    2. Civilian and military motorcycles are not permitted to travel within cities, towns, and villages starting from Monday until next Tuesday.
    3. Celebratory shooting by civilians and security and military forces is strictly prohibited, otherwise penalty, punishment, and confiscation of weapons will be applied.
    4. All border crossings are to remain closed, with the exception of the Tayha and Tabqa border crossings, which will remain open for the movement of the civilians.

Anwar al-Mushrif, an official in the DAA, stated in an interview with Hawar News Agency that, “The purpose of opening the border crossings is to facilitate the movement of citizens stuck between the areas of the regime and DAA after the coronavirus curfew, in addition to allowing the movement from and to the DAA areas.”

Al-Mushrif indicated that specialized committees have been appointed to conduct the necessary medical test of all arrivals and departures at the crossings.

The Aoun al-Dadat and Semalka border crossings will remain closed until further notice.