SYRIA: Another mass grave discovered in the Raqqa countryside

RAQQA, Syria – Another mass grave was discovered in the vicinity of Raqqa, this time in Tel Zidan. Ninety-nine bodies have been found in mass graves in and around Raqqa by the Emergency Response Team (ERT) of the Raqqa Civil Council (RCC). Searches for individual and mass graves have been ongoing since the liberation of the city from the Islamic States (ISIS) in 2017.

So far, 99 bodies have been exhumed from the mass grave in Tel Zidan. The ERT estimates there may be as many as 200 bodies buried at the site.

Yasser al-Khamis, head of the ERT, said that most of the bodies exhumed so far are under the age of 35. “After citizen reports of a mass grave in Tel Zidan, the ERT forensic department in Raqqa went to the location, where they found indications of human bodies buried within a hole,” said al-Khamis.

Al-Khamis noted that this mass grave is the 25th grave discovered in Raqqa and its countryside. The graves contain thousands of bodies, roughly 7,000 have been exhumed so far.