Syriac Prof. Dr. İşaya Üşür passes away

ANKARA, Turkey – Syriac Prof. Dr. İşaya Üşür passed away yesterday in Ankara. Retired Prof. Dr. İşaya Üşür lectured at the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences at Gazi University and also at the Faculty of Political Sciences at Ankara University. Prof. Dr. İşaya Üşür studied economics and political sciences in Ankara, graduating in 1975. He never left university and worked in the academic world all his life.

Prof. Dr. İşaya Üşür was born in one of the few remaining Syriac families in Elazığ (Kharput), eastern Anatolia. Kharput in the early twentieth century was a majority Christian Armenian and Syriac city. From the 1890s to the Genocide of 1915, Ottomans and Kurds massacred or deported most of the Christian residents.

Also read a 2006 interview (in Turkish) with Prof. Dr. İşaya Üşür in the Istanbul Syriac Orthodox Bishopric magazine “Men Baynothan”.