North and East Syria Administration: We will try to ease the negative effects of Caesar’s Law on our region

NORTH AND EAST SYRIA – In a statement released on Thursday, the Democratic Autonomous Administration (DAA) of North and East Syria called on the international community to take the necessary measures to prevent DAA areas from being negatively affected by Caesar’s Law which take effect across all of Syria next month. DAA officials have said that the law will negatively affect the regions counter-terrorism operations against the Islamic State.

********** PRESS STATEMENT **********

The sanctions that were imposed on Damascus in addition to Caesar Law which will soon be applied, will affect the Autonomous Administration (AA) areas which are part of Syria. The dealings with the Syrian interior still exist and will definitely be affected by these sanctions in all sectors and create negative consequences within our regions. Furthermore, the sanction will directly affect anti-terrorism efforts.

We in the AA call on the international community, international institutions, and the U.S.-led international coalition to reconsider the impact of these sanctions over the anti-terrorist areas. Sanctions implementation will provide opportunities for the Islamic state (ISIS) to relocate its positions and thus its danger will return to Syria and the world. That is why necessary measures must be taken to prevent any potential negative effects.

We, as the AA of North and East Syria will do our best to mitigate the negative impact of these sanctions and the repercussions of Caesar’s law on our regions. The AA institutions will follow-up and prevent any exploitation of this crisis against our people especially with regard to basic goods. The AA will not be tolerant of the exploitation of the people, the harshest penalties will be applied against anyone who seeks to deepen the economic crisis or make it worse.