NORTH&EAST SYRIA: Negotiations by SDF and Syriac Military Council pay off with Russian-Turkish agreement to reopen M4-highway

TEL TAMR, Syria – A Russian-Turkish agreement has been reached to reopen the international road M4 for civilian traffic. In a coordinated effort between the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and the Syriac Military Council with the Russian forces operating in the region, a Russian-Turkish agreement has been brokered to reopen the M4 international road for civilian traffic from Monday morning.

The M4 is an important international road near Tel Tamr in the Khabur Valley connecting it with many cities in North and East Syria. The agreement was signed this Saturday morning and stipulates that the road will be reopened under supervision of Russian forces, from Tal Tamr to Ain Issa in both directions. Russian patrols will be deployed on the international road M4 to prevent any skirmishes and attacks.

The official spokesman of the SDF, Kino Kabriel, confirmed that there will be two Russian patrols accompanying civilians from Tel Tamr to Ain Issa on Monday. One at nine o’clock in the morning and the second at one o’clock in the afternoon. There will also be two Russian patrols that will accompany civilians from Ain Issa to Tel Tamr, coinciding with the timing of the previous two patrols. As Russia guarantees the reopening and safety on the M4, civilian traffic doesn’t have to travel via dangerous off-roads anymore and avoids being targeted by Turkish-backed militant factions.

The Syriac Military Council is a founding member of the Syrian Democratic Forces and is mobilized in Tel Tamr and environs for the defense of the Syriac-Assyrian Khabur Valley.